For a long time, lacked an ecommerce site for the online sales of their products. They knew very well that they had to do something about it.

They wanted to expand their kid clothes sales operation online and so they sought the services of an SEO company, SEOlogism, to help turn their idea and year-end goal into a reality.

What they did

SEOlogism SEO experts had to come up with the most effective strategies to make it happen. From extensive research on keywords to management of the site, SEOlogism was determined to hang the digital shingle of Rigans, and establish and promote their brand online to potential customers Rigans had a lot of products to showcase, and what they really needed was a more user-friendly website and constantly increasing results.

The results

The outcomes of the strategic path taken by SEOlogism were simply out of this world. Within only two years, the total sales of Rigans’s products had amazingly increased by over 2000%. That wasn’t all, the overall organic traffic and leads had upward-moving graphs. This was a great turn around for